Project Runway - Finale!

Project Runway - Finale!
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Jay McCarroll you big queer! You won! About halfway through the episode I realized that Jay had this thing in the bag. He was very conscious of his designs being about "Jay" and about being fun. He understood his vision and his personality and in the end it worked for him.

Kara Saun, you were once my pick to win this thing. You make very meticulous designed clothing that is funky when needed and glamorous when called for. The problem is two fold. 1) you kept using the same fucking line to put Wendy Pepper down. You tried to be the "bigger" person but you refused to speak to her, sleep in the same room as her and in general acted like a 10 year old brat. 2) You little coniving bitch with the shoes. You had an answer for Tim the second he brought up the "free" issue. You knew that Michael Kohrs was supplying shoes and that in fact was also "free" but this was "free by the show" not by your design. You planned on those shoes being an issue and you had your defense. You lost! HA!
Wendy Pepper, Crazy Wendy I love you. I will come to Virginia and try on your see-through top. My tits wont be as shocking to the judges. I knew you wouldn't win but this was a huge step for you and I liked your "person" and your drive to win this competition. And you were right, this was a game. People forget that once they start creating relationships on reality programming. You are on a game show, not at summer camp. I salute your convictions and your drive to win. I only wish you had shoved one of those Rhinestone shoes up Kara Saun's ass.
Parker Posey, really with the rehab Diana Ross fro. You looked deranged. Hey Hey Hello!


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