Everwood 2.21.05

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This week's Everwood was perfection. It touched on old Everwood themes without making it feel like we were rehasing or waiting all season for these moments. Ephram finally went to NYC for his Julliard audition. He just happens to run into his ex girlfriend Madison who was paid off to leave Everwood after Ephram got her preggers last season. We've not seen her since. As the season started and then continued to develop, you knew that storyline would come up again, but you no longer thought about it week to week (a tribute to the writing, the new characters, and the evolving existing storylines). With that in mind, this truly was the moment we've been waiting for since September. For Ephram to see Madison and learn the truth. What I was not ready for was the complete happiness Ephram would feel and the sense that everything is perfect in his life at the moment we've all been waiting for. It makes it THAT much harder to stomach the horrible events that I am sure are about to unfurl.

Of course, in evil fashion, the WB is postponing Everwood until late Spring. So, Madison we'll have to wait out the truth a little longer. I've waited this long, I can stomach another 6-8 weeks.

And I also think that there must be more episodes in NYC for the end of the season because the Christo exhibit only opened a week ago and the whole final scene was with those orange Gates in the background. Reshoots for the sake of reshoots? Doubtful. Expect our Everwood residents to hit The World's Second City again before they graduate.


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