Degrassi: TNG 2.18.05

Degrassi: TNG 2.18.05
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It�s been a couple months since Sean Cameron decided to move back with his trailer trash parents after the trauma of killing Columbine nutcase Rick but the drama is far from over. Degrassi returned this week with 4 brand new episodes and continues it continues to excel in ass kicking good television.
The ever brilliant Paige has developed some major hots for her student teacher! She joins his post-shooting therapy yoga class, gets a fake ID to seduce him at a bar, makes a complete ass of herself in front of his girlfriend, and gets ejected from a club. That�s my girl! Just an average night in T.O. (that�s Toronto for those of you not in the know). It�s been so long since a new episode aired that I completely forgot that her and Spinner are completely over. Good for her Spinner�s skanksville and his haircut is so skater �93 its not funny. Student teacher /Yoga guru is hot business and as Hazel pointed out, Paige does have a thing for older guys (hopefully none that will rape her again as Dean did). Degrassi is so dramatic, I love it.
In other news, Craig�s band is rehearsing for their recording session (which they won in last season�s best episode �Hell Hath No Fury�) but to the not-so joy of his band mates, Craig�s ex Ashley has joined them. Jimmy�s still in the hospital (after Columbine Rick shot him) so he can�t play� I could only wish the same on Marco and Spinner, get them out of the band! The real musical talent on Degrassi lies with Craig and Ash. They are both emo-tastic musicians so come on already. Hook back up and make sweet Captain and Tennille lovin� for viewing and listening pleasure.
My obsession grows as time passes. Degrassi remains one of the most provocative shows on television today and I basically have to say that I couldn�t stop watching if I tried.
*Oh, and Jon is completely convinced that The N will not air the upcoming 2 episode arc involving some hardcore STD�s and bracelet swapping. So just in case, Jon�s already downloaded them for our viewing pleasure should we need them after Degrassi goes on hiatus again in 3 weeks.


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