Alias 3.2.05

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Thank you Alias writing staff for not killing Anna Espinosa! Gina Torres is such a commanding presence on screen that she has to stay around for a final showdown with Sydney. It was just announced this week that Torres will be joining Kristen Davis in �Soccer Moms� this fall, so it is possible that Anna Espinosa�s future is in jeopardy. In the meantime, I hope they milk her for all she�s worth. An escape will likely occur and she will come to her demise by Sydney�s hands, it�s inevitable. Just make it a May sweeps episode� please!
Sark is again M.I.A. Is he a changed man as he proclaims? Somehow I believe Sark could change more so than Sloan. Sark at least showed some vulnerability and emotion this week as he wept over the impeccably preserved corpse of Lauren Reed. And his final proclamation to Sydney before disappearing, �Sydney I�m a man of my word� just made me love him more.
Let�s talk the Dads shall we? Jack Bristow once again proved that he is a badaaaaassssss. Forcing Nadia out of her coma to save Sydney was a risky move and one only a fierce mofo could pull off. That�s our Jack! I wonder what this so called �pact� is between Sloan and Jack. Is it �you don�t kill mine, I won�t kill yours� or is there something even more sinister at hand? Regardless, I can�t wait to see how it plays out over the remainder of the season.
More predictions: Sloan is out of the picture by the end of the season. He either is out of their hair for good or he turns big bad again and the hunt is back on for Season 5. I just don�t believe they will allow Sydney and Dixon and everyone else to loath this man while having to trust him day in and day out for more than one season. He will forever be their nemesis and at some point before they are cancelled, they must eliminate him. Let me clarify� Sydney must eliminate that man.


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