The Amazing Race 7 (Week 1)

The Amazing Race 7
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I�m going to admit something that will make some of you cringe. I was not excited that TAR7 was coming on so soon. I need more time. Quality programming like this two time Emmy winner deserves time to breathe and I worry that CBS is shoving it down our throats Deep Throat style.
I spent the first hour of the premiere trying to figure out why Bolo looked different and why an old man and his dirty girlfriend had replaced Jon and Kris. It was too soon.
But, I have to concede and say that Hallelujah TAR7 is here! It�s like attack of the reality gays this season. If its not Lois and Clark, I forget their names (wait, isn�t one named Lynn?), it�s a red-haired queeny son; TAR7 loves the gays (god I miss Mary Cherry, she too loved the gays). I did notice that Phil is newly shorn. Welcome back kids.


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