Wonderfalls: The Complete Series

This is 13 hours of near perfection captured on dvd. There are two things that hamper the ultimate in perfection (in my opinion). 1.) Episode 11 is a little weak. The episode revolves around Mojandra trying to claim 1/8th Indian status with a tribe in Western NY. The ep is heavy on the Indian mojo and does not move the series far enough along when you look at the fact that there are only 13 episodes in total. Granted if there had been a whole season ordered, this episode would not stand out as much, but when you know there are only two more after Running Bull, you get worried that they will not wrap everything up the way you hope they will. 2.) The fact that there are only 13 episodes! I am happy the series was cancelled, that way it could not be compromised or led astray from the genius it was. What I would have liked though would have been to see what they could do with 9 more episodes (making it the normal 22 episodes of most shows).
Regardless, the 13 hours of viewing we do have preserved in crisp wide-screen beauty is what every fan of quirky, witty, well acted, incredibly well written television could ask for. This box set is in Heaven next to my �Freaks and Geeks� box set.


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