Arrested Development 3.6.05

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One of the most genius things I�ve ever seen on television took place last night on Arrested Development. Last season, Amy Poehler (the actor that play�s Gob�s real life wife) got married to Gob and it was never brought up again. That is until last night when she returned in flashback form as Gob recanted why he has yet to get a divorce a year later. Apparently Poehler�s character was sent to Iraq as a soldier. It turns out that she ended up being one of the soldiers being tried for abusing the Abu-Ghraib prisoners. They had still photographs of Poehler imitating that gross troll of a soldier woman that became the poster child for the prison scandal. I almost pissed myself at the sight of Poehler in fatigues with a cigarette dangling from her mouth pointing at the naked contortion-like prisoners next to her. Brilliance!


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