RW/RR Inferno II

RW/RR Inferno II
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My girl Tina is back and she is a �Bad Ass!� Tina: �Tonya is not my competition, she�s my doormat!� God I love that girl. The Inferno is back and it looks better than ever. It�s �Good Guys� Vs. �Bad Asses� this season and I�m so excited. There will be fights galore (given the preview for this season there is an actual fist fight) and dramarama. I will miss Coral but as long as Veronica is there, tension is sure to follow. Last time the Real Worlders and Road Rulers entered the Inferno Julie tried to kill Veronica by releasing her safety harness whilst dangling 16 stories above the ground and Katie tried to kill Veronica. Is there a pattern? Veronica is the devil and we praise the Bunim/Murray house of god for ever inviting her into our homes. Let the fires blaze reality fans�


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