The OC 3.10.05

The OC
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I swear if Ryan and Marissa get back together I will scream bloody hell. It�s just not right anymore. Like Marissa said �We�ve been apart longer than we were together�� so why fix what�s not broken? Leave it be!
And was I the only one that was disappointed that references were not made to neither �The Breakfast Club� nor �Dawn of the Dead�? I mean, hello they were trapped in a mall for zombies sake! If that doesn�t scream� well, ZOMBIES then I don�t know what does. And when Ryan and Seth were navigating the air ducts could it BE more �Bfast Club�? Seth even falls through; he was one scene away from taping Larry Lester�s buns together!
Regardless, to find out that Julie Cooper once starred in �The Porn Identity� was genius! I knew she would do anything for money (she did marry Caleb after all), so I wasn�t surprised. I was surprised however at her amnesic/demure turn. I thought for sure someone like Julie Cooper-Nichol would have been more of the dominatrix type. That must be more Julie Cooper-Nichol of now than the poor, down on her luck Julie Cooper-Nichol of yester year. She is such a great character. Even her interaction with Alex was worth its weight in salt. Once again it�s a nod to the writing because easily JC-N could be taken for the monster she is, but The OC continues to add dimension to her, making her 1000 times more interesting than her lesbian for a week daughter.
No longer has the forerunner in quality programming, The OC lagged some this season but I am in for the long haul. I still think the witty banter and quirky character dramas are far more entertaining than anything else on the tube. Seth Cohen is a god and Summer even funnier. Without them, television would be lame.


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