The Amazing Race 7 (Week 2)

The Amazing Race 7 (Week 2)
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What�s with the photo-finishes this season? Both last week and this, the final two teams were within steps of each other � battling it out for the last spot ensuring their participation in the next leg. Sadly (or not, unless you are hormonally challenged big lipped brothers) this week the two blondes that you would swear are twins but in reality are just best friends were Philiminated.
Now on to the real drama; these peeps are hating all over Rob and Amber. Yo. What? Okay, seriously though these racers do not appreciate Rob�s conniving ways. What did you expect? This is a man from Boston that will get engaged to carry himself further in a game and the publicity wheel. Do they expect less? I love Rob, he�s so great!
So far I have no villainous hatred for any contestants. There are still too many out there racing. In another week or two I should be able to hand pick the team I want to lose this thing. Not the one I want to win, but to loooooooooose! Fast track possibilities include: Meredith and Gretchen. She (Gretchen) has the whiniest, most shrill voice on the planet and her husband�s name is on the feminine? I don�t get it. Second in the line of those I could care less about are Nancy-boy and his mother. I don�t care if you�re gay� that Dutch Boy cum Little Lord Fauntleroy has gotz ta go!


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