The Apprentice 3.10.05

The Apprentice
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Caroline cracking herself up while trying to explain Tana�s ebonics makeover was hysterical. I hit �replay� twice! When she doubled over with tears in her eyes, I think it was the first time we�ve seen the normally frosty queen smile all season! Hats off to The Apprentice for shirking the obvious choice (the horrible MTV network) and choosing the far edgier and still video filled FUSE. Fuse is my music channel of choice and Steven my VJ (he�s a real life Seth Cohen). I wondered why The Donald, Caroline, and Old Bones had been doing promos for FUSE and now I know. They�re in bed together! Never more out of place were a group of white folks than with Lil Joe, Lil Kim and wasn�t there a Fat Joe thrown in the mix?


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