RR/RW: Inferno II

RR/RW: Inferno II
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Y�all know my proclaimed love for uber-bitch Tina and all things that come out of her mouth and last night she did not disappoint! The only reason she beat her component in the citrus squeezing while on stilts competition is because that other girl knocked over her glass, had to start over and fell a few times but Tina don�t care. A victory is a victory and in her mind she beat that bitch down and let everyone know it. That�s why she�s a bad ass. No tears from bad asses. Bad asses don�t cry when a jesus-lovin� tubby cowboy gets sent home after sacrificing himself just seconds after comparing himself to the Holy One. Please let Mel Gibson direct the reunion special and let everyone flog Jon to within an inch of his life then crucify him for all of MTV to see.


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