PoweR Girls 3.10.05

PoweR Girls
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Lizzi Grubman�s face is so disgustingly deformed I can barely look at her. She sickens me, truly. Her lips are all wrinkly and worn from smoking too many ciggies and too much pole. She�s everything that is wrong with the rich and privileged. She damn near kills a crowd of hundreds outside a Hamptons nightclub in a drunken rage and still her skankass gets a reality show on MTV glorifying her out of touch ego. Having said that, PR Girls is a must see for no other reason than to finally see how insanely retarded the celebutante lifestyle is. Working for prune face are 5 rich and �pretty� up and coming PR girls. They are all so out of touch its fascinating. It�s the other side of �Rich Girls� or �Simple Life� this is about those who obsess over celebutantes, wish they were celebutantes, and who promote celebutante culture. It�s ridiculously vapid yet I stayed up to watch ever second of it. Damn you PR Girls.


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