Celebrity Fit Club - Finale

Celebrity Fit Club
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Damn them some fat folks. Jon can�t figure out why this is �celebrity� anything because he does not recognize a single person. I�ll admit VH1 pushed it with their �celebrity� label but what else would you call it? �The Below Kathy Griffin in Celebrity Standing Fit Club?� Regardless of their social standing, I enjoyed watching these �celebrities� battle the bulge each week. It took me to the second to last episode to realize that they weren�t calling The Judge �Maybelline� because she wears a lot of make-up but because that is her friggin� name. Who names their child Mableen?
And who thought Daniel Baldwin would be a good addition to this show? Give him two seconds of air time and he�s back on the crack pipe. The man may have been fat before the show but at least he wasn�t using. VH1 is Daniel Baldwin�s pusher! Shame on you VH1. And shame on Ant for telling Daniel last week that he looked better than Alec. We all know that�s a fat fucking lie.
I hope Ralphie will be on Season 2 of this show because boy needs it. He enjoyed his experience and appreciated all the help that the fitness panel of judges gave him throughout the three month competition and I think it would benefit him immensely to participate again. Why not? If they can bring those whores back for �The Bachelorette,� they sure as hell can bring Ralphie�s big bones back for another season of torturing fat folk.
Kim Coles, I�ve always had a soft spot for ya. And apparently you�ve had soft spots for lots of people. Did Kenan Ivory Wayans do this to you? After �In Living Color� you were �Living Single� but apparently you were eating for two. I find you funny at any size.
Biz Markey, does he need a tracheotomy? His mouth is always open, and not normal open, like gapping-I can�t breathe open� WIDE. I don�t know that he can shut it, do you? Biz needs to switch networks and see if Dr. 90210 gotz what he needz�
Joey G.? Is this the gumbah that was giving blow jobs on �The Sopranos?�
Mia Tyler is one fierce fat chick. Bitch will rip your head off and shit down your throat; she don�t care. As she pointed out numerous times: She gets paid (more than panel Judge Harvey apparently) to be heavy. My girl embraces her curves and believe me folks, they are dangerous. This plus-sized model is not foolin�.
Last is Wendy the Snapple Lady! She whined, she obviously dined, but in the end she slimed and trimmed. The Snapple Abacus no longer reads �43�!


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