American Idol

American Idol
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I have to admit that my feelings about this competition have changed now that Mario V. is gone. I�ll say there is a little less excitement, a little less talent, and a little less incentive for me to tune in each week; but the two nights a week will keep me coming back. Three was a hard commitment to make, but we stuck it out. Now that I�ve seen the final 11 (because I don�t count Nikko Smith until tomorrow, the day after Fran Drescher is kicked out) my thoughts on who should win have changed some. I now have Nadia Turner as the #1 spot. Behind her could be a number of others including John Wayne Salvo and either the Bice Squad or Tits MaGee (Jessica Sierra).
Someone please tell me why Anthony Federov was hiding his arms? Little Trach has Big Boy Arms. Suddenly the asexual blonde was kinda hot. Jon came up with the going to hell moment of the night. He said how if Anthony was the 10th contestant he could just hold one finger up next to his neck and that Trach scar would complete the number �1o� Genius!


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