Arrested Development 3.20.05

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How is it possible that there are only 5 more episodes of this show left? Still no word from Fox as to whether or not they will renew, so I sit and wait with the other 4 people apparently watching "Arrested Development." I mean, how can this show not go on?

Tonight they spoofed the Star Wars kid. There was a video clip repeatedly played of George Michael going crazy in the garage with a broomstick and it was quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen since the last episode when Amy Poehler was Abu Ghraib'ing it. I hope that fat kid got paid for being spoofed.

Oh, and my I thought of Scanet (my friends Scott and Janet) when Lupe, Lucille's maid was replaced by the iRobot Roomba. Scott used to work for iRobot. Oh no and the image of Buster having sex with it has forever tainted the brand! Genius.

"Is that why our Tivo stopped recording Christopher Lowell?"


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