The Amazing Race 7 (Week 3)

The Amazing Race 7 (Week 3)
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Rob summed it up best as they landed on Phil�s mat� None of us know how, but he did find a way to scheme on the Amazing Race! If he can keep this up there is a possibility he could pull of a win; albeit the dirtiest win in TAR history! When Rob quit the Road Block I was seriously worried it would jeopardize their chances. When Rob convinced the next team to quit as well I knew he was a fucking genius! Amber must cringe at some of the things he does (like stealing a cab) but when his acts of dumb genius pay off she�s the luckiest player in the world!
In the not so genius acts department, if you were lets say� in a race and you�ve been driving for two and a half hours without checking a map to ensure you�re going in the right direction wouldn�t you agree that you deserve to lose this race? I liked these two girls but come on! The ocean is soooooooo not the border to Argentina. If that map was covered in 4 lbs. of meat, intestine, brains and saliva glands I bet these bitches would have been in first! You gotta be kidding me, not looking at a map for two and a half hours�


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