The OC 3.17.05

The OC
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Someone please grace the writers of Summer�s dialogue with an award already. With zingers like these, how can she not become the new Cohen? She�s snappier and the piss and vinegar running through her diamond encrusted veins is far more entertaining than Seth�s at times neurosis.
Props to the wardrobe department and the sound department this week for donning Billy Campbell in a Husker Du shirt and drowning his sorrows in The Pixies! But isn�t he about 5-10 years too old for that? He�s gotta be in his 40�s, isn�t he? Husker Du and The Pixies are so mid to late thirties I worry this is yet another case of older playing younger [*cough, Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, et al]. Are we really supposed to believe Billy Campbell is 35? If I think he�s 31 can he be my lovaaahhhh? I�d like to take a ride with �The Rocketeer!�
In the �don�t write it dan department�� I wanted Ryan to at least slap Alex around a bit, didn�t you? I know boys shouldn�t hit girls but what if the girl is kinda tough and you totally know you could take her? In the sixth grade I sent Cindy Roberts to the hospital because I pulled half of her hair out� SHE HAD IT COMING!


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