Spring Break Shark Attack!

Fucking Genius! This was incredible. I loved watching this schlockfest. You know you are in for some real TV Movie of the Week treats when the first clip is of four housewives on a raft in the ocean sunbathing, one in the water. The first reference was subtle, sorta... "Alice would have loved this" (Mary Alice on DHousewives). The first lady to get chomped is "Abby" and this is only after one of the women says how they "Desperately needed this!" Brilliant!
It was almost like two movies were merged to make on monster of a flick. Not that Shannon Luccio (from "The OC") is Meryl Streep, but her, the boy that played Shane and Kathy Baker were the only ones that could act in this chum infested thesp piece. I wonder what movie they signed up for? Regardless, they are now in cinematic history. This was "Burning Beds" good folks. Loved it.


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