The Amazing Race (Week 5)

The Amazing Race (week 4)
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Is there a casting call each season requesting all spouse hating alpha males with anger issues apply? Honestly this was the third season in a row that there was just an abusive male figure on a team that deserved to die. First it was Colin (and Christie); next was Jonathan (and Victoria); and this season we had Ray (and �my right eye is swollen shut� Denna). What a cock this �roid user was, no? Damn he sucked. I couldn�t have been happier when those brothers breezed past R&D at the final Pit Stop. That is what makes for an Amazing Race dammit!
Everyone needs to lay off Rob and Amber. It�s a race folks, for a million dollars! Who cares if they don�t stop to see if the other team with the half dead cameraman with an amputated leg flipped over in the desert. It�s not like the show doesn�t have communication and emergency medics on hand to take care of this. Thank god Lynn and Alex were there to help out. That cameraman would have died if not for Lynn�s frantic ramblings and high pitched bitching. He�s a life saver.
And do these teams not talk to each other? Three different teams thought Meredith was the woman in the �Meredith & Gretchen� team. Hands down funny.
Best moment of the night: Rob: �I�m not sure she fell down. He might of pushed her just for effect so people would feel bad for her.� (And Amber laughs knowing it�s so wrong)


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