Mira Sorvino 2x in 3days

Mira Sorvino 2x in 3days
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Saturday night Jon and I happened across one of my favorites� �Romy and Michelle�s High School Reunion� on one of the 700 Encore channels. �R&M� like others before it combined the �Reunion� film (which I love) with comedy. Where �R&M� one ups the typical reunion film is in the addition of the �Valley Girl/Clueless� sensibility. I am a sucker for movies that create new lingo, adding to the ever growing lexicon of film slang. �Fast Time�, �Valley Girl�, �Heathers�, �Clueless�, �Party Girl�, �Clerks��

In an already elevated Sorvino state, I was delighted yesterday afternoon to see that while flipping though channels her �Will & Grace� episode was on. Everything came to a stand-still. If my memory served me, this episode was one of the funniest �W&G� eps ever. Must See TV. Her turn as Diane, Leo�s Ex and Will�s only female sexual partner that shows up for dinner and sends Grace into insecure fits of rage is beyond funny. From her proclamation that sex with Will spun her � �round, right �round baby like a record� to Karen�s comment on her Ka-tits this is what �W&G� should have always remained; witty, neurotic, ensemblic (I know its not a word), and funny.


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