Desperate Housewives 5.8.05

Desperate Housewives 5.8.05
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Can someone please sign her contract for next year. If Harriet Sansom Harris (Felicia Tilman) does not get full time status next year, this show is doing a disservice to quality casting. She is hands down the best thing to hit this show. Her unwavering naughty meddling makes her sister, Martha look like an amatuer and raises the bar in bitches that rock. As she refuses all sanity and dictates to the murdering Paul Young how he will not only exit Wisteria Lane but hand over custody of his stolen child, Harris rules the screen with calm, calculated coolness... until that is Paul Young walks out and she nervously pulls the knife from her lap. The tough as nails bitch was actually afraid for her life, it was surprising and incredibly gifted in acting. Emmy, where's her Emmy?


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