American Idol - The Final Four

American Idol - The Final Four
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Trach, see ya! After Bo's flawless numbers, Carrie's better than ya'lls country cracklin', and Baby V's I will kick your ass then Fuck It rendition of "Don't Leave Me This Way" there is not a snowballs chance in Romania that you will stay in this game.

Our Final Three may be the best finale yet! With Bo and Carrie effortlessly singing each week, I can only imagine that my Star In Training - Vonzell will be our third place contestant. But I'm not kidding you folks, this girl may deserve it more than Carrie. Each week she comes out and challenges herself and usually nails it! After a slow start and a possible Paula sized meltdown it was amazing to see her come back with a Disco classic and work it like it's never been worked before!

My prediction for this year's American Idol? BO!


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