The OC - Die Caleb Die!

The OC - Die Caleb Die!
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Someone please introduce Paula Abdul to the writer behind Summer�s zingers? Last night�s �Nerd Boy and Ass Clown� line had me in stitches. She�s the new and improved Seth Cohen and I think I would date her. She can have a strap-on, right? Lil Miss Vixen probably already has one, so the semantics are less than I thought!
For all the genius The OC was last year, this year has been way off the mark. Don�t get fooled though; I still love my Orange County kids and their parents but the show has taken some interesting and at times wrong turns into Soapville. For as soapy as The OC has become its core values, wit, and character still survive. Case(s) in point, last night�s extreme episode still made me tear up as Kirsten battled the bottle, her demons (her father), and Sandy. This story arc is especially devastating because the Cohen parental unit was once the beacon of hope in this hopeless town. When she lit into her father I had chills down my spine. Caleb is an ass, or should I say WAS an ass? He kicked it poolside last night to the surprise of my second favorite OC parent, Julie Cooper-Nichol. Did anyone actually think Julie could go through with the poisoning? I knew she wouldn�t because deep down she did love the old coot and the magnitude of that love was never more present than when the horror crossed her face as Caleb lay belly up. What are the odds that somehow this gets pinned on the lovely red-head?
Ryan�s distrust of everyone nearly drove Marissa away but was brought back around surprisingly by his ex Teresa and her newborn baby. Shocking was not the reveal of Baby Atwood but Teresa�s selfless heart-to-heart with her baby daddy about Marissa�s loyalty and love. You knew it was killing her inside but that once again, Ryan belongs in Newport and she had to let him go. Will he ever know the truth of his offspring? I hope not, let�s bury that secret along with Caleb next week!
Zach and Seth, for real let�s get over this comic book storyline. So over it. It was fun and cute in the beginning but has now reached epic proportions. When even George Lucas is pimpin� himself for press, there is something wrong in Geekdom. And did anyone else find it horrifying yet realistic that poor Seth had to accept the verbal abuse he did (�Seth Cohen is a tool� specifically) at Prom? Even Duckie made it out with less tongue lashings. Poor Emo Seth, I love him so.
Bring on the drama, bring on the rehab, bring on Jimmy Cooper, bring on Haley �I thought I had a shot on the North Shore� Nichol, and for gods sake let Ryan beat the living shit out of his brother Trey!


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