Survivor Palau Finale

Survivor Palau Finale
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Ian, Ian, Ian. Why my friend must you be so good and honest all the time? If you could have just sucked it up, realized that you already have plenty of friends at home and that this is a game � you would have been able to make your way to the final two. Instead the Jolly Green Giant had to try and maintain friendships and integrity, bowing out at the last minute. You�re an ass. I love ya kid, but you are an ass. This is bigger than Colby picking Tina in Season 2, this was blatant Saint-like behavior and I want nothing to do with it. I was so disappointed in his goodness.
And could we be more clich�d in wanting Tom to win? I was rooting for everyone BUT Tom to win this thing. I�m so over the NYC Firefighter God-Complex we�ve slapped upon these average Joe�s. Why didn�t his label just say Firefighter? Because then America wouldn�t be as emotionally invested in his survival on that island. By adding NYC to his title, we automatically assume he was at Ground Zero on 9/11 and that he deserves to win. Bullshit, Katie deserved to win because she did outwit and outlast that damn group of Kororans. Am I too jaded with typical America to want Tom to win? I guess I just liked the idea of Lanky McLanksalot or Katie Talksalot winning. They�re more my people.
And Coby naming his cousins baby that�s now supposedly his baby after �Diana Ross Does Vegas�-Janu can only lead to teen years of anorexia, psychosis, and bad hair. Good luck with that one.


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