Everwood 5.16.05

Everwood 5.16.05
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This was Ephram�s swan song for Season 3 and I will tell you all this much� If next week�s Season Finale is anything like tonight�s departure of Ephram I am going to be a puddle of tears from 9-10pm EST. Let�s recap my moments of emotional wreckage:
1. Delia discovers that Ephram is leaving for London in a couple days and may not be returning. Did no one bother to include this girl in on the plan? Come on, she lives in the same house - give the girl some info. Poor little Delia, her only brother/confidant is skipping town.
2. Seconds later � Ephram discovers that Rose Abbott, mother to his soul mate, Amy Abbott was diagnosed with Cancer three weeks prior and neither Amy nor his other best friend Bright bothered to mention it.
3. Ephram appears at Amy�s door to see if he can help. Stone Cold Amy Abbott blankly tells him she doesn�t need him anymore and to go to London. It was completely uncharacteristic of Amy and I think she�s on the verge of another breakdown. Amy�s complete lack of emotion and disconnect killed me to watch because I think she�s just at her wits end. She can�t be bothered with Ephram because she has to for once focus all of her energy on herself and her family. This girl has spent three years caring for other people and ignoring herself. If it wasn�t Colin it was Tommy. If it wasn�t Tommy it was Ephram. Girl, take a breath, high school is over!
4. Dr. Brown and Ephram actually have a civil moment together as Doc gives Ephram a graduation present from his deceased Mother (played by another dead character on another show � Mary Alice Young). It was nice to see that even though Ephram hates his Father for his actions, he still understands his Father�s role and importance in his life.
5. Delia and Ephram say good-bye. Damn that little girl is good with the tears. When she asked Ephram to tell her what happened and to not sugar-coat it because she�s still a kid I was mesmerized by her strength. She�s about to lose her brother because she knows their Father did something and she wants reasons not to hate him. Ephram has a moment of truth in saying that he needs her to look out for their Dad and to listen to him as he is trying to do what�s best for them. Incredible scene only to be overshadowed by this puppy�
6. Amy�s all dressed up a moment of happiness � Graduation! With her cap and gown sheltering her body she discovers that her Mother is too sick to get out of bed and attend Graduation and that Bright will be staying home as well. Dr. Abbott tries to stay strong for his daughter but cracks in the best scene since Madison telling Ephram he has a baby. Finally the two stoic Abbott�s take a moment to stop being the strong ones and melt away. You were crushed for Dr. Abbott because his wife is sick and his a childs milestone will be missed. You were crushed for Amy because it�s her graduation and noone can go. You were crushed for their family because they are good people and bad things just continue to plague them.

Everwood is incredible television. Entertainment Weekly tells me so!


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