Grey's Anatomy 5.15.05

Grey's Anatomy 5.15.05
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Could I love George more? He�s the medical worlds Marshall Flinkman (�Alias�) with his oddball behavior, unrequited obsessions, and penchant for nervous dialogue. The kid is great! Red-Haired Nurse is a cutie-patootie as well, so I am glad he�s moved on from Prune-Face II-Meredith (Prune Face I being Renee Zellwegger) and will have some old fashioned Good Times at Seattle General.
Is it wrong to not see Dr. Shepard in Patrick Dempsey�s performance? I really like to believe that my beloved Ronald Miller from �Can�t Buy Me Love� is now a hot doctor and he did buy himself some love, in the form of Med School and a Silverline Trailer!


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