Lost 5.18.05

Lost 5.18.05
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I swear I must get male PMS because as I was watching this episode this morning I was in tears through most of it. At one point there was a little of the convulse-snivel-convulse happening. Even one of my cats looked at me funny. I don�t care. I�m proud of my ability to cry at dramatic events, there�s no shame and my tears were warranted. This by far has been the most in touch with character episode of this series to date. For anyone that was on the fence about the non-linear narrative this show takes with its flashback, they were sold with this episode. We had more information and character development in these six flashbacks last night than most shows muster in a year.
We had the return of the French woman, we discovered that the Black Rock is a pirate ship, and we saw that Michelle Rodriquez actually can be soft and sweet under her tough Latina exterior! Now if only we can find where her and the others in the back of the plane have been stranded.
Best line of the night � Hurley: �Leslie is a bitchin� name�


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