House 5.17.05

House 5.17.05
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The big news of this episode was not that Sela Ward was guest starring, it was that House was once a vulnerable guy! Quite the non-linear storyline tonight proved a challenging view but one that paid off in so many ways. One of those ways being that Whitney from �Bring It On� was one of the Med Students! Sorry, back to Sela Ward! Now we know why House limps like he does and why he is so cut off from emotions. If my ex-girlfriend went against my wishes and forever maimed me in the process I too would be a little soiled on the whole �trust� issue. We also now understand why he is so close but yet so critical of Cuttie � she saved him but in the process broke his trust as well. It was a three-story House and I wanted to sleep in every bed before I left. Incredible! Each week this show gets better and better. Loves it.


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