American Idol - The Final 3

American Idol - The Final 3
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Baby V, I hate to say it but honey you�ve got to go! Neither sleet, nor rain can change the outcome of this episode! After the 41 dates you�ll play this summer, get those harsh blue shorts and polo shirt ready because there is a stack of mail the size of Scott Savol in need of deliverin�.

I�ve grown to love Vonzell for the risks she takes and the growth she�s shown over the course of this competition but if we�re being honest (wink-Simon-wink) this competition would not be the same if the final showdown was not Carrie vs. Bo! I�ll be sad and it will be an awkward half hour tonight but if we�re lucky she�ll sing �Don�t Leave Me This Way� again as her swan song.

Let the battle begin! This season�s finale will be an unreal power house of pipes. Its Clay vs. Ruben but neither one is effeminately gay or 400 lbs. overweight so its actually nothing like Clay vs. Ruben. May the best hick win!


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