The Group (1966)

The Group (1966)
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Sunday afternoon I took a nap. I never take naps but obviously I needed it. I awoke to see the final act of the Linda Blair classic �Roller Boogie� on Flix which then led into a gem of a film from the sixties titled �The Group.� Centered on the lives of 8 college friends post-graduation (set in the 30�s), �The Group� is a catty study of female bonds and the stages of friendship, career, and direction as each goes their separate ways. From lesbian revelations, housewife hysterics, and overachieving socialites to the awe of the theatre and the threat of war these women�s lives unfold over numerous years and entertained me for hours.
Jessica Walters (Lucille 1 on �Arrested Development�) is delicious to watch as the gossip-monger of the group while Shirley Knight�s subtle and torn portrayal of a mousy nurse rips your heart out. Incredible performances from some famous women and some unknowns I was happy to discover.


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