The OC - Season 2 Finale

The OC - Season 2 Finale
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Last night the finale of The OC stood for Oh Crap! Kirsten mistook a Vodka bottle for a tumbler at her Father�s funeral. Jimmy Cooper returned looking hotter than ever with comments about the �North Shore� that had me rolling. Hayley was hot business with her long hair and much needed emotional backup. Julie Cooper showed almost Sybil like goodness and concern for Kirsten. The Cohen�s staged an intervention on par with the Salingers from Po5. Skanky Jess let out a racial slur the likes you aint heard this side of a KKK Rally (�Rice Mobile�) before engaging in a shoot out leaving our fabulous 4 in the crossfire. Marissa confessed Trey�s attack to Summer. Summer broke the news to Seth. Seth broke the news to Ryan. Ryan broke Trey�s face. Trey broke Ryan�s jaw and Marissa put a bullet through Trey�s chest! It was unfucking real! Oh yeah and Princess Sparkle left her abode to comfort Captain Oats. God Damn The OC!


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