Cold Case - Season 2 Finale

Cold Case - Season 2 Finale
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I love me a crazy serial killer and I love me some Lily Rush! Combine the two in a Tim Burton-esque hand drawn forest for a final showdown with more secrets and back-story than the Michael Jackson Trial on E! and it�s a golden hour of television. This show proved once and for all that parents do not always know best nor do they have the ability to always protect their children. Lily�s alcoholic Mother sent her out for more booze in the dark and she was attacked. It revealed why Lily is such a fighter and why she doesn�t always trust. Her emotional unraveling and then revitalization was inspired to watch. Katherine Morris is mesmerizing when she kicks in with the emotional highs and lows her character goes through.
And just for the record, I too would become a serial killer if my Mother lied about being blind for my whole childhood and called me the �darkness� my entire life. I too would be killing whomever if this same Mother sold me out to save herself from being attacked which resulted in my being ass raped by some intruder. Yeah, everyone will feel my wrath!


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