Lost - Season 1 Finale

Lost - Season 1 Finale
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�Dude you�ve got some Arnzt on ya�� I fucking love Hurley. His flashback was amazing; I�m surprised Jorge (the actor) didn�t have a real heart attack with all that running about. The best moment of his airport scurry was when he ran by the girl�s football team and each jersey had one of �the numbers� on the back. I was howling! Those numbers were EVERWHERE in this finale and even though I still can�t quite wrap my hands around their significance, (or what a KPM is 15,8,4) I love that they are and have been in the background and in the design of this show since Day 1.

Arntz/Arzt whatever his name is went BOOM and I was so not ready for that; came as a complete surprise to me (though it shouldn�t have with the spastic way he was waving his hands around). Kudos on that! Who knew Dynamite sweat nitroglycerine or that gun powder can cauterize a wound? See, this show is educational as well as entertaining. Can I confess that there was a part of me that thought the actor playing Arzt was Francis from Pee-Wee�s Big Adventure. I looked, he�s not, but there was a moment before he was scattered across the Black Rock that I thought he may have been. All together now �I know you are but what am I?�

Please tell me that this whole WATCH thing never came up before. I like to think that I am an astute viewer, I try to be active instead of passive but for the life of me I do not remember that watch being a part of the whole Jin/Sun storyline. And if they were not stranded, I would say that Jin just signed Michael�s death warrant by handing that watch over to him but what does it really matter? Papa Crazy is a far ways away and I am sure that watch has some other power that may be useful to �The Others.�

As for �The Others,� I think I saw that gangly group in a southern snuff film once or maybe in Deliverance. I�m not trying to make comparisons here, but Walt was kinda squealing like a little piggy as they dragged his psychic ass away. And to what extent does that boy have powers? Could he not see that they were going to be bad? Could he not dream up a gun or another raft as he did with the Polar Bear (notice the Polar Bear on Hurley�s comic in the flashback � nice reminder)? Walt, what good are ya? And did Jin pussy out after Sawyer was shot by diving in? Sawyer�s a big strapping hot boy he can handle himself. One can only assume that the girl that threw the grenade onto the raft is none other than Alex, Rousseau�s daughter that �The Others� took 16 years prior.

Jack, Hi�um, Kate is not your ex-wife you don�t need to be protecting or saving her. That girl has done more than you can imagine and is way tougher than you�ll ever be. Quit with the chivalrous �you-can�t-hold-the-dynamite� bit. It�s not hot and for the record she may kick and/or kill your ass. That being said, my Salinger boys are having a banner year (Charlie Salinger on �Lost� and Bay on �Everwood�)! As for Kate, they need to give her more vulnerable situations. Remember how much depth she had in that first episode when she had to sew up Jack�s back? She showcased that talent again tonight when she had her little �Are you okay� chat with Hurley after Arzt fell to pieces. Evangeline Lily has turned out to be quite the find for a girl stranded on an island.

Charlie Charlie Charlie, why must ya do it? On the same day Bobby Brown announces that Whitney has once again whacked the crack you go and take her spot! I expected more from the lead guitarist of Drive-Thru, er�Shaft. Let�s just hope that there is no after-school special where Charlie hallucinates purple elephants instead of black floaty stuff in the trees � we all know that wouldn�t end well.

And speaking of our friendly security system of Vick�s Vapor Rub proportions what�s with the chain-wench and pulley sound as Locke was being dragged through the woods? If it can uproot trees vertically instead of horizontally this thing must be humongous! What the hell is it? Don�t tell me; because in all honesty that is one secret that the Island can keep for as long as it wants too. I love that they are being stalked by something we�ve never seen.

And speaking of things I didn�t see� Where the hell is Michelle �Girlfight� Rodriguez, Rose�s husband and the rest of the survivors from the back of the plane? I thought for sure they would have been discovered last night. Better yet, where the hell was Rose? Didn�t the conversation between her and Jack on the beach way back when also revolve around faith and destiny? Do she and Locke have a connection? I can�t stand it. At least 4 months until we get more questions and possibly an answer or two; they�re killing me! Squeal little piggy squeal!


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