House - Season 1 Finale

House - Season 1 Finale
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�I didn�t think you were capable of loving someone but I realize you just weren�t capable of loving me�� Poor little girl with a crush; honey you are hot business but you are no match for Ms. Sela Ward�s �You�re the one, you always were��
Hands down one of the most incredible hours of television this season, and one of the most compelling high standard shows on television, period! Not only did we see House at his lowest emotional point, but we also got to see what a team he and Sela Ward can be. Together they are a mesmerizing force and I for one cannot wait until the season premiere to see how her working with House will ruin everyone�s lives.
Can someone tell me how he gets away with the racial slurs and sexual innuendos he does? Last night alone he called Omar Epps �Mandingo� and �the dark one� where�s the NAACP when you need �em? Oh and what about his yelling in front of the whole hospital that he wouldn�t sleep with Cuttie? Oh my god he is out of control and I love it.


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