Everwood - Season 3 Finale

Everwood - Season 3 Finale
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For every bit that the Brown boys are selfish (Ephram left for Europe when the going got tough after selling thousands of dollars worth of gifted musical equipment to fund his escapades and Dr. Brown confessed his love for Nina who just happened to be helping Dr. Dimples move into her house-finally a happy woman) the Abbot�s are the exact opposite. Harold began the emotional episode by praying not to the porcelain god (he was in a bathroom stall afterall) but to the God-God to save his wife and to let her live. He made no promises of reform or change to this God but asked for something selfish which in itself was an unselfish act. He just wanted his wife to survive, nothing more, nothing less. It was a moment that made me reach for the tissue box and hope the remaining 55 minutes didn�t deliver the same heart-tugging bits. Luckily, the episode took a turn for the lighter as Delia was able to showcase her increasing talents as a budding tween on the verge of summer camp romance and Hanna and Bright were able to finally share the magical kiss we�ve all been waiting for since he took her to the movies back in the beginning of the season. I don�t know if it made her all sweaty but Bright often makes me wet. Doh! My worst moment tear-wise was when Rose was wheeled into the Andy Brown intervention to once and for all end his dalliance with moving to Chicago. �You�re not going anywhere� she proclaimed with cancer head-wrap, pale skin and teary eyes. Forget about it � I was a mess.
Everwood�s most self-aware moment of the season: Amy rationalizing why she needs to defer her Princeton acceptance for a year to her father. �I�ve had the worst high school experience�� Honey I�ve been saying it for months, Amy�s lucky to have survived it at all � Zoloft or not� She�s the strongest person on this show and this Ephram free episode proved the true star of Everwood.


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