Desperate Housewives - Season 1 Finale

Damn Alfre Woodard�s TV son is hot business. Good God! Nothing sketchier than a family that buys a house sight-unseen, moves into that house in the middle of the night AND refuses to let their realtor inside. Is the gimp chained up in there? Sex slaves? Alfrie, you running a gay brothel? Go girl.
The Mary Alice/Paul/Dierdre storyline was excellent and much needed. It was great to see Ephram�s dead mother get some screen time on this show as well. I really like Brenda Strong and think she got screwed in the voice over only gig. Thanks Marc Cherry for allowing her to be resurrected if only for a few short moments.
Susan, Susan, Susan� you�re a bad mouth whisperer and a bad mother! Do we care at all that she�s being held hostage inside Mike�s house by Mike�s kid who used to be Paul�s kid who used to be Dierdre�s kid before Angela who�s now Mary Alice stole him? Not really, it was a weak cliff hanger if you�re asking me. I don�t care who this pot smoking psychopath belongs to�kid deserves a nice white coat with long arms that wrap around his waist and latch in the back. For real.
Gabby all of this drama could be solved with one quick visit to your local clinic. While you�re there see if they can grow John some balls and some acting skills. A nice set of abs and a tan a thespian not make. Kudos to the writers of Gabriel these past few weeks; the zingers that come out of her mouth like last night�s breast feeding comment are priceless and redeem her otherwise drab personality.
Lynette, step aside, tonight was all about your husband Tom. Doug Savant was not only hysterical in his arcade escapades but showed a complete sex appeal as the confident and pissed off spouse. I liked. Break out those leather undies� why not!
Bree�s table grabbin� meltdown was the best moment of the night. It hurt because moments earlier she had really given herself completely to the love she had for Rex and was planning on a better tomorrow. Little did she know that seconds before Rex bit it he assumed she had been killing him with potassium for the last couple months of his life. He had forgiven her actions and I for one cannot wait to see the devastation his note has on her and how she�ll stop at no end to make sure George pays. Let�s hope he lives in a two story Beverly Hills dwelling with a pool in the middle and a sexpot landlord named Amanda. I�ve been waiting years to see that scar again!


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