Alias - Season 4 Finale

Alias - Season 4 Finale
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"My name is not Michael Vaughn"


I jumped halfway across my livingroom and I'm still peeling my cat off the ceiling.

Ya�ll know I love me some Alias and ya�ll know I love me some 28 Days Later. Combine the two into an action packed hour of Rimbaldi/Zombie chaos and its pure red ball bliss! I need more, more, more, more. More Russian Zombies (poor Richard from �Felicity�), more sibling rivalry (I don�t believe Syd would be so weak as to not know she has to take Nadia out and watching Irina put a hole through Elena�s head was a bonus), more romance (Marshall calling Carrie broke my heart and made me laugh � �No I haven�t been drinking� / more Jack and Irina / more Syd and Not-So Vaughn), more blackmail (Dixon for one / Weiss and Marshall for another), just more Alias.

I feel like we were cheated out of some major storylines and emotional beats because they did their �one-off� episodes for the first half of the season. Granted, I enjoyed those as well and at times more so than the Rimbaldi crazed past (ie. Stepford episode and the return of Sark and Anna Espinosa) but knowing now that they had such an amazing second half of a season I expected more from the first. I understand it was done to draw new viewers in � to ease them into loving these characters and then nail them with the 4 years of complex prophetic brouhaha. A brotha can feel slighted.

Now the big questions, who the hell is Not-So Vaughn? Why does Irina know his true past? Did she really kill his father? Is there a real Michael Vaughn or a dead Father? Why didn�t they kill Nadia when I�ve begged and requested this for a whole year now? And can someone tell me how to get shit stains out of a couch? Damn truck.


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