Rob & Ambuh Get Married

Rob & Ambuh Get Married
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No I didn�t subject myself to the whole two hours; I merely flipped back and forth. Some quick thoughts:
- I love them more than I already did. They really put to bed any nay-sayers of their relationship. I thought they worked incredibly well together on The Amazing Race and this �Get Married� special reflected that they are a loving and fun couple.
- Rob gets pissy when he can�t master something or find a loophole in a plan. The dancing lessons pissed him off beyond belief and it had me cracking up. And where did they take these dance lessons? I live in Boston and that was not �Boston.�
- Amber would look good in a satchel. Her hometown gown was phenomenal and she was unbelievably stunning to look at.
- Veil�s and sea shell trellises do not mix well. When her veil got caught on that archway I almost pissed myself. Her head came whipping back around. It�s sooooo something that would happen to me (see PJ & Eric�s Vegas wedding when I almost took a header on the slick floor as I started down the aisle).


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