American Idol - Season 4 Finale

American Idol - Season 4 Finale
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When I flipped over from �Lost� to this overbloated borefest I did happen to catch a couple shining moments. The True Hollywood Story-esque segment on Simon was hysterical! Those mini-shirts were the funniest things I�ve seen on this show since Crazy Mary at the beginning of the season. Yes they can laugh at themselves, they have to otherwise Paula would go comatose. Is it me or when you watched the flashbacks to auditions, was she not a completely different person? Lively, fresh looking, HAPPY maybe? Honey use the summer to detox and recover from another facelift� you need it.
Oh yeah, Carrie won. Shocker. �Inside Your Heaven� honey I know some men that would wanna be inside your something, if you call it heaven down there on the farm so be it.


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