CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace & Co.

CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace
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I love this Nancy Grace woman � she�s a feisty, opinionated, loud mouth, trash-talkin� Southern gal who became a lawyer after her fianc� was murdered. According to Jon, she was on (or is still on) Court TV and he began watching her during his summer breaks. She�s passionate but not emotional and can belittle a guest or brow-beat a commentator with the blink of an eye. She�s damn good television and I love listening to her speak (especially when she�s all fired up about something)!

CNNHN is becoming the best channel to watch. I�ve always enjoyed Robin Meade in the morning (though hate the British entertainment reporter) and with the addition of good old MTV/VH1 icons Karen Bryant and AJ Hammer (who�s now skeletal thin) and their show �Showbiz Tonight� I just can�t get enough!


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