TV Characters That Should Have Gay Friends Pt. 4 - Everwood

Need a Gay - Everwood
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Amy � How is it possible that the cutest and coolest chick at Everwood High does not have a gay friend? She has Hannah tagging around her all day in her studious outfits and uptight allure, is this holding the gays back from being Amy�s friend? I just find it hard to believe that someone as open minded, intelligent, and sassy as Amy Abbott does not have at least one queen in her court. It�s a shame.
Edna � Edna�s so butch she�s practically a lesbian. With her stunning curves, sharp tongue, and affinity for town gossip you�re telling me she�s got no gay�s hiding in her medicine chest? Please, EDNA is queer bait if I�ve ever seen it. I love me some Edna, a straight-shooting, rough and tumble sass bucket of a woman with more opinions than a pack of queers at a cotillion. Edna get thee a gay.
Nina � The woman was married to a gay man for God�s sake; she�s obviously ripe for some limp friends. Once a gay magnet always a gay magnet. Don�t swear off a whole demographic because you made poor choices in mating and ignored the signs that your man liked a little more than a HARD drink in the evenings. Give them a try on a friendship basis, you might actually enjoy their company again. Opening that new swanky revamped diner should draw them in for d�cor alone. And what respecting gay man wouldn�t want to be around Nina with her hunky live in boyfriend, Dr. Dimples?


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