TV Characters That Should Have Gay Friends Pt. 2 - Arrested Development

Maeby � If Veronica Mars is my functional and somewhat wholesome best friend in mock-television High School, then Maeby Bluth is my dysfunctional scheming trouble making hag. She�s an entrepreneur (see her jump from High School student to Movie Studio Exec in a single bound), a campaigner, a joiner, and has come to terms with her effeminate Father. She accepts people for who they are but has the wisdom to mock them behind their backs, a girl after my own heart. BFFx2!
Lucille #1 � Lucille #2 is the obvious choice with her being Liza Friggin� Minnelli and all, but I�ll take the booze hound, wretch of a Mother, Jessica Walters any day. Lucille #1 wants and gets everything she feels entitled to. If she doesn�t get her way, she�ll adapt a new child to spite the old one. She�s never lifted a finger other than to stir a martini and will renovate your apartment without your knowing if you mess with her lifestyle. Hell, she even likes to dress her wimpiest son in matching costumes to show up the other rich bitches in town regardless of your humiliation! That a girl. Lucille #1, I�d be the boy to your Mother any day.


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