Six Feet Under - Season 5- Ep. 01

Ya know, I just want to be happy for these folks and it gets increasingly harder to like them or have any kind of hope for them. I have always loved the very flawed but always enjoyable Fisher clan and the antics they get themselves into. Knowing that this is the last season makes me want to have high hopes for them and that they might possibly find some sense of happiness and/or closure to certain aspects of their fucked up lives.

Nate has always been my favorite. He is so flawed and emotionally scarred but seems good intentioned and good hearted if not occasionally self-absorbed, but you want to root for him! He�s a victim of circumstance for the most part; yes he�s made some bad choices; yes, he�s doing way too much pot for being a Father, and yes he�s at times a sexaholic but does he deserve all the horrible things that have happened and continue to plague his life? A miscarriage on your wedding day? Give a brotha a break! Throw him some sense of happiness folks; I just hope that it doesn�t come in his form on a slab come series finale time. That would be horrible if not somewhat fitting. Damn. And was there not a glimmer of sanity and hope in their post-bridal meltdown moments over looking the water. She almost seemed together. Who knew?

David and Keith bore me to no end with their hopeless and helpless need for heterosexual norms. I�m so over it. I wish David would finally dump Keith and get on with his life. David is so screwed up though that he will never feel happiness and acceptance without a mundane status-qua lifestyle. I�m not saying I want him to go out and get crazy, but find someone more emotionally available and on par with your needs. The process of adopting or surrogating a baby is a huge step, one that is only in David�s brain because of Keith�s need for fulfillment on a heterosexual standard level. A kid? For real? You two would be better of with a puppy first. A kid? These bitches are crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Ruth is unraveling while her certifiable and hospitalized husband George is coming across as the normal one in the marriage and he just had electro-shock therapy, go figure. Girl needs a therapist and how! Get thee to a clinic Ruth. Call Bettina (Kathy Bates) and have another hippy-lesbo retreat; find your center Ruth and pull your shit together. No wonder these damn Fisher kids are so messed up. Mother is a hysteric with maternal instincts/needs reaching well beyond the norm.

Claire, honey lay off the pot and get as far away from crazy-ass Billy Chenoworth as possible. Is she on the Nicole Ritchie diet b/c she�s lookin� svelt in a good way. I likey. I�m just so over the whole bratty artist routine. It�s so tired and trite. I hate �artists�!

I just love this show and hope that they find some redemption before the true despair and depression kicks in that you know is due for a finale about funeral home habitants.


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