TV Characters That Should Have Gay Friends Pt. 6 - Lost

Need a Gay - Lost
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Kate � Don�t you think that there are now legions if not throngs of lesbians out there in love with Evangeline Lily? Don�t you think there are gaggles of gay men out there that would like to be stranded on that island with her and her deep dark killing secrets as well as he always silky tresses? I do. You�re telling me that with how big Gay Mardi Gras type crap is in Australia there was not one feather boa hot pantsed boy on that flight or a flannel wearing mechanic of a bull dyke in the seat next to him? I doubt it. Season Two better reveal some sun loving Streisand obsessin� tool belt wearing gays. I won�t even complain if he/she gets eaten by the monster.


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