The 4400 - Season 1

The 4400 - Season 1
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I FauxVo�d the first season of The 4400 because I never made it past the first two episodes when it originally aired last summer. Not that I didn�t like it, it�s just that I didn�t continue for one reason or another. Well, with Season 2 now airing, I had to catch up on those abductees and Homeland Security�s favorite agents.

Now having seen all 6 hours of Season 1 I am completely addicted. The story is not original and in the end revealed to be somewhat disappointing but it is still great fun to watch the endless stories of these abductees. As it goes, for decades these 4400 were being taken and they all were returned one night to a lake outside Seattle, WA. What was once thought to be a meteor heading directly for Earth turned out to be a ball of light (Rimbaldi Red Ball sized) containing the 4400 to everyone�s surprise! Caught on live television, the 4400 all appeared from the fog looking seemingly unscathed.

Placed into quarantine for observation, the 4400 were released to their families and loved ones if they were still living or wanted to show up after a couple months. Shortly, its apparent that although physically they are unchanged from the day they were taken, they�ve been somehow enhanced with special powers. Death and destruction ensue but its soon clear that amidst all the death there is good coming from the 4400. One death stops an Enron sized scandal, another causes change within a community causing them to take back their streets. Sure some of the 4400 die along with some civilians but isn�t that the way of the world?

Enter Billy Campbell playing Jordan Collier, one of the creepiest roles on television today. I�m talking scarier than Tom Cruise on Oprah. He�s a businessman and one of the 4400. He builds a center for the 4400 after there is severe public backlash against the 4400, placing all returnees in danger. The Center and his do-gooder motives come into question by Season�s end.

Did I mention there is an unborn baby with special powers? Well, Lily an abductee from 1993 found out while in quarantine that she was preggers. The kicker? She wasn�t sleeping with anyone before she was abducted. Oh, alien baby much? The bigger kicker? Her grandmother�s lover from the 50�s is also one of the 4400. Jeepers Creepers, wouldn�t you know that her name was Lily too? Scary stuff here.

In the final moments, we learn that the 4400 were not taken by aliens as once thought but by humans in the future. They�ve been returned to stop a catastrophe that takes place in the future (kinda Terminator-ish).

Some of the acting is not so good, but you can get past that because similar to LOST there are so many returnees to tell stories about (though only a couple are the main focus); every couple hours brought a new character and a new reason for the 4400 to return. There are racial/social/economic/technological undertones to the whole 4400 legacy that cannot go unnoticed but it works well in this context. I cannot wait to catch up and see who arises for Season Two!


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