Entourage 6.26.05

The more I watch this show, the more entertained I am. It seems to be getting better with each new episode and the full time additions of Jeremy Piven�s fucking unreal Ari and Debi Mazar�s hellacious Shauna only make me love this entertainment insider more.

Vince, Turtle, and Drama continues to frustrate the hell out of me and I�ve still yet to figure out why Eric hasn�t sat Vince down and screamed at him for being such a jackass with finances and his ultra-extravagant lifestyle choices, not to mention Drama and Turtle�s non-stop encouragement and demand. That being said, the recent Drama storyline and peripheral �has-been� acquaintances have brought me endless joy at the self-mockery on Kevin Dillon�s part. Chris Penn and Ralph Macchio were brilliant in their recent cameos and watching Pauly Shore get tossed on his ass at the Playboy mansion last week was genius. Do you think it hurts to be Kevin Dillon? I mean the character really is his life to some degree. Sad, or is it?

Now its time to forever praise Jeremy Piven and his character Ari. Without a doubt the funniest actor and character on television today. What would you give to see Ari go up against Larry David? Watching the two of them have a conversation would send me into orgasmic fits of laughter. Anyway, Piven is a master! He has taken what could have been a single layered character and turned him into an emasculated yet macho, sarcastic yet caring-emotional rollercoaster of a man; when he left his therapy session and went on the storm of the century over the James Cameron news it was almost unwatchable because you knew he was about to lose it. He went from complete uncontrollable rage to elation as he collapses against his phone with such intensity and controlled acting ability that if he is not nominated for an Emmy, it�s an injustice.

As much as I love Samarie Armstrong (still miss you Anna) and her portrayal of Emily (coming back next week!!!!), this new guy Lloyd is beyond funny. His rant about Hollywood was dead-on and his nervous yet competent composure makes me giggle. When Ari said: �Lloyd come in here, I want to make out with you�� and he willingly says �Coming� I thought I was going to die. I�d kill to make out with Jeremy Piven, hot business.

Extra Bonus Points for the Mischa Barton slam and the Smallville dis (�Where�s Smallville?�)

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