The Closer - Ep. 02

This second episode about a murdered model was not as strong as the original episode which was of epic proportions but it was still strong enough to keep me wanting more of our favorite Southern belle. Again, the food obsession carried over to both comedic and dramatic consequences. In the hair parlor, as Rachel Boston (who turned out to be the one that slipped the before mentioned dead model the poison that killed her) was telling Brenda what she could do for her she was wielding a bowl of snacks dangerously close to our snack deprived friend�s face � the looks and lip biting were dead on funny. Later as she was having dinner with the one time Mr. Teri Hatcher, Jon Tenney, she frantically lost her will power and devoured the carbs and a big gulp sized Merlot after he pointed out the comparisons to the woman the dead model�s movie star husband was sleeping with and Brenda�s own indiscretions with her boss, my favorite skinhead from �OZ�, Schillinger.

The characters are driving this show, not the horrible deaths that usually drive a detective show. It�s quite refreshing from a writing and acting standpoint to watch such incredible talent on a cable show. Again, this is another reason to not head to the megaplex this summer. Some of the best writing and acting is being shown an hour at a time in the comforts of your own home.

Favorite Moment of Ep. 02: After Brenda has received her make-over and sees herself in the mirror for the first time �
Brenda: �I look completely different��
Make-up Girl: �You�re Welcome�
Brenda then shoots her the dirtiest look, like she was a dog before.


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