The Real World - Austin

Jon summed it up best: �Where do they find these people?� The Real World is in its 16th season and unfortunately I am still watching. What was once a momentous milestone in cultural history and the mind blowing television event of the summer of �92 (when I graduated) has turned into pure sensationalism and titillation. No longer is there cultural education or significance (unless you count the demoralizing and destruction of intelligence and self worth amongst 20 somethings as a step forward for future generations) in the Real World.

Sadly, it�s still compelling to watch the debauchery and wasted youth as 7 strangers live and work together to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

A few things noticed:
- Danny from Boston is quite possibly the hottest man in RW cast history (notice picture above) and I think his frat boy mentality and girl-gawking will quickly be flayed to show he�s a good hearted and sincere if not emotionally damaged boy.

- The RW camera�s/cast and locals do not mix well anymore. Gone are the days when the locals try to find the RW house and get noticed out of joy and excitement. It�s now some sort of mob mentality and animosity toward the RW-ers and a chance to fuck with them whenever possible. On Night 2 in Austin, sweet sweet Danny is viciously beat down in the middle of the street by an Austin local which results in a facial fracture like you�ve never seen before. His cheek is completely crushed and he has to have surgery before blindness or infection set in. It�s hardcore to look at and this is only day 2 folks.

- There is nothing more important in a day than drinking. By Episode 2�s end, they�ve been living in Austin for 4 days and they�ve gone out 4 nights. After Danny finds out he has to take it easy and rest for his upcoming facial reconstruction surgery the group still head out (except for Danny and his new love Mel). Danny comments that he feels bad she couldn�t go out because she decided to stay home with him. Kid, you�re apologizing because she isn�t going to get drunk the night after your pretty face was mangled and it was made known y�all aren�t welcome? Are you kidding me? And what about the other housemates? The night after Danny is brutally assaulted outside of a bar, you can�t take a night off? Wouldn�t you be too freaked out at what happened the drunken night before to go out again so quickly? Nope, it�s off to the bar for more drama � freaks.

- Why is there always �the outsider� that is obviously supposed to be the moral center for the group? In San Diego it was both Jaimie and the unattractive Jacques. In Philly it was Shavonda (we�ll forgive the hookup with Landon) and now in Austin its alt-hairdresser/virgin Lacey. This person is cast without a hook-up mate in mind and usually shows up as the third wheel (or worse, alone) in the first episode arrivals ensuring their outsider status from the get-go. This �outsider� is also the most self-aware and secure of the bunch.

- Apparently the only reason to apply to be on the RW is to have sex on television. In Austin�s premiere episode they�d not been there for 2 days before the pairings were already set, the bets were made; the advances begun, and kisses all around. It�s no longer: let me get to know this new roommate, it�s which one of these new roommates do I have the best chance of screwing and how fast? Ready, set, go.


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