Veronica Mars - Episodic Thoughts

Return of the Kane
Can someone please tell me that Veronica Mars does not end up with Logan Echolls! I know that he�s supposed to be a misguided and misunderstood rich kid that�s had no parental supervision and only acts out because he needs love - but Logan Echolls? Say it isn�t so. Granted I�ve only seen his pompous and devious acts in 6 episodes but homeless boxing is down right evil and there has to be something beyond wanting attention that pushes a person to coordinate that ring of humiliation and degradation.

Now is it wrong to then say that I was rightfully upset by Logan going into a closet, selecting a belt and hand delivering it to his father before pulling up his shirt and down his drawers to receive the obvious ritual of a severe beating while his oppressed and somewhat disturbed enflamed lip Mother sips on a cocktail as whipping cracks shatter the silence of the large Echolls abode? It was quite the image.

An Echolls Family Christmas
Bah-humbug, UPN is airing these episodes out of order. What�s up with that? We skipped over like 7 episodes and shot straight to the holiday season in Neptune, CA. Now as you know, Christmas is my favorite time of year and if I had the power and money that Lips McGee - Lisa Rinna�s character has then I too would be throwing the biggest bash this side of the North Pole equipped with 20� crystal encrusted cone shaped tree and a snow machine. If I�m lucky though, my significant other won�t get stabbed after having slept with half the women in town at the Halloween party a few months back... kinda puts a damper on the festivities.

What did not put a damper on my spirits though was the sassy Mars� deduction of the $5000 poker game gone awry. Like the Beastie Boys said, �She�s Crafty� that Veronica Mars and with each week I love her more and more. This week alone she double �damned� a boy�s abs before exposing ex-flame Duncan Kane as a fake-drunk and the richest boy in school as the son of a butler� all fakes. Nothing and no one is safe from my Veronica Mars, not even Daddy Kane (the sexy Kyle Secor from his bi-days back on �Homicide�) as she emotionally confronts him about the photo�s she discovered that sent her Mom on the run. Photos of Veronica with gun sight marks drawn on her face.

She�s strong and at times a little insane to confront someone that may or may not have hired someone to kill you but damnit, isn�t that what the holidays are all about? A little blackmail under the tree followed by a sip of sweet revenge-nog after roasting a bunch of nuts over an open fire.

Silence of the Lamb
Sheriff Lamb is a dick, but you know who�s a bigger dick? The jacknut at UPN that decided to air these episodes out of order. Luckily we have the internet and lovely sites like and the newly revamped (once tvtome) to guide me through the missed plotlines and character introductions that would otherwise have me more lost than well� �Lost.� Another annoyance before I talk about this episode � doesn�t even have an episode guide for VMars. Apparently the same douchebag that�s running the network is in charge of programming the website. I digress.

I�ll take a moment to catch my breath, not from that last paragraph�s rant but from watching the introduction of Deputy Leo � good gawd. Go Veronica Go with your bad self. She used her adorable good looks and witty demeanor to win over the heart of Neptune�s newest Deputy, Deputy Leo who�s all of 20 years old and sexier than he is smart. Unfortunately by episode�s end, the newly smitten Veronica Mars� and her come ons and eventual con just got him suspended. Whoops Veronica Mars! That�s alright girl I saw part of an episode last spring where you kiss him at the 80�s dance!

Oh, the plot� the most satisfying and some what disjointed storyline was watching Napoleon Dynamite�s Tina Majorino�s Mac discover the truth behind her Nascar loving toe-head parents. If UPN aired all the episodes this summer I would know more about Mac and her switched at birth other half, the rich bitch Madison Sinclair. I�m going to assume that something comes from this startling revelation that Mac is really living with Madison�s biological and less rich parents while Madison lives it up as the only blonde in the family high atop that mansion of Mac�s biological parents. I missed an emotional beat at the end as Madison�s mother, Mac�s biological Mother pays Mac a silent and somewhat stalkerish visit as Mac heads out for a camping trip with her switched at birth parents. The beat was missed because I�d never been introduced to Mac before so it was hard to understand her true emotions and motivs.

I just looked online and noticed that next week�s episode is actually in chronological order so maybe UPN jumped ahead to the second half of the season to give viewers a chance to see how the death of Lilly Kane is solved. Is there really a method to their madness over there? If there was, would we be subject to �Cuts�, �A Bad Girls Guide�, or �RUtheGirl�?


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